everyday i’m shuffling

So i’m trying to ease myself into this whole exercising business by going for a walk in the evenings.  Basically i’ve just been walking around the block, the distance is only about 4 km’s, hardly a marathon, but in my current condition those 4 km’s feel like i’m trying to walk to the moon & back wearing a bodysuit made of lead.

And my partner has been coming with me, which is great & all that, because don’t we all love a bit of support. But the thing is he wants to talk while we are walking, I mean seriously is he for real? I’m off the couch & putting one foot in front of the other & desperately willing myself not to pass out from the sheer exhaustion of it all , & he wants to have a full blown conversation with me, like dude I can barely catch my breath let alone construct entire sentences.

So i’m thinking that perhaps I will just start walking by myself, which is going to require two things, one to actually motivate myself to go for a walk, a feat that is easier said than done, & two to compile some fabulous playlist on my ipod filled with awesome heart pumping tracks to not only put a spring in my step but to hopefully distract me from the monotony of having to walk without a shopping mall or coffee shop to end up in.

So far i’ve got one track that gets me super fired up Jersey fist pumping style & that is Sexy & I know it by LMFAO. Which is great & all but if my playlist only consists of one song then my walk will  be to the end of the street & back, which is hardly worth putting my sneakers on in the first place.

So i’m desperately trying to find some more songs to add. If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.


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