love this idea

So i’m all about motivation at the moment, it’s the thing that I seem to struggle with the most when it comes to exercising. You know i’m fine once I have started it’s just motivating myself to actually start in the first place, that’s the hard part.

And I try to convince myself that I will feel so much better after I have exercised, I have super encouraging pep talks with myself using every motivational quote I can think of, but still I can’t seem to get motivated to exercise more, because you know there’s always something on tv I just have to watch right that second because I simply cannot record it to watch later for fear that some bug will magically erase it before I get back from that walk or workout.

But alas I seem to have stumbled across possibly one of the best motivating idea’s I have ever heard of:

Put one dollar in a jar everytime you complete a workout & when you achieve your goal use the money to treat yourself.

Sure it may not seem like much, but to me it’s more motivating than all the other motivation tips I have attempted. I mean who doesn’t want to splurge & pamper themselves for a job well done?

So I have decided that I am definitely doing this, completely & wholeheartedly, i’ll let you know the progress each week & I totally give you permission to kick my ass if you see a week where all I have collected is $2.


3 thoughts on “love this idea

  1. I too have to pay myself to workout, sometimes. But sometimes the best payment of all is fitting into a great pair of jeans, or being comfortable with your body! Great post!

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