let’s go on safari

So that whole dress for your body type thing, you know the apple, pear, hourglass, tube or whatever they are. Well I am yet to find a diagram that includes my body type, which is you may be wondering…………………… giraffe!!

That’s right people I have decided that the only way to accurately describe my body type/shape is to compare it with a giraffe. Strange I know, but believe me it’s the perfect comparison, that is if you ignore the fact that i’m not an animal, I don’t have fur, my neck is normal in length & I can’t be found roaming around the African plains.

It’s just the giraffe seems to have a body type similar to mine, i’m super tall 6ft2 (188cm), i’ve got long slender arms & legs &  I carry all my weight/fat around my mid-section. Now you see where i’m going with this.

The problem is that thanks to my giraffe-like body, shopping for clothes is a nightmare. At the moment i’m all about short dresses, you know because it’s summer & who wants to be wearing pants in sweltering heat, but every dress I try on looks absolutely ridiculous on me. I don’t know why but they all seem to make me look double the size yet at the same time make my arms/legs look even slimmer, in other words I look completely out of proportion.

Oh & don’t even get me started on the plus size clothing stores that seem to think that just because you are larger around the middle your extremities must be large too, seriously i’ve tried on supposedly “slim fit” pants that fit perfectly at the waist but balloon out so much in the thigh area I could fit a whole performing gymnastics troop in there.

So the motivating plan, along with all the other motivating plans, is to look much less giraffe & much more slender siren wearing sexy giraffe print dress:




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