So starting next year I am going to start building my exercise routine, or should I say I’m actually going to start an exercise routine. That’s probably more accurate as my exercise routine (or lack thereof) at the moment is so erratically unpredictable it’s like having a conversation with someone who has a particularly bad case of tourette’s.

And I know I know, your probably wondering why i’m waiting until next year. Well simply put it’s the food season, ok well it’s the holiday season, but as we all know the holiday season, especially Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever it is you celebrate, really is just one big indulgence of food, I mean who in their right mind could pass up a plate of roast turkey with all the trimmings or that second bowl of christmas pudding. It’s virtually impossible, believe me, I once tried dieting over Christmas, it lasted all of 5 minutes.

Oh & your probably also thinking that this is one of those new year’s resolutions type things, you know when you are filled with all these good intentions of eating healthier, exercising more, & joining the gym, only to be sooooooooo over it 2 weeks later that the fruit & vegetables you stocked up on are left to rot & that gym membership has already been ‘accidently misplaced’ in a bottom drawer somewhere & you can’t possibly go to the gym until you find it again, which will conveniently be never.

Well let me just reassure you that this ‘start exercise routine’ plan of mine is most definitely not a new year’s resolution, in fact it’s the furtherest thing from one, which i’m not sure what that might make it, but 2012 resolution it is not.

So onto this new fandangled routine of mine, well stage 1, yes i’m doing it in stages because i’ve tried that whole exercise 7 days a week straight off the bat only to burn out after a month & forget to exercise for a year. Stage 1 is to introduce Pilates into my routine, there is a clinic near my house that holds 1 hour classes on a Wednesday night. Perfect!

So I have decided that Pilates is going to be the starting point for my new & improved more consistent exercise routine.  And I know that this shouldn’t really be a contributing factor but I have read countless times about this celebrity & that celebrity raving on about how awesome Pilates is, & well you know if it helps me get a body even remotely in the same galaxy as Jennifer Aniston’s, then it sounds pretty damn motivatingly fabulous to me.


One thought on “pilates

  1. GET UP AND GO! I’m plenty good at talk, talk, talk but eventually you have to take ACTION! I promise you won’t regret starting your exercise routine sooner! 🙂 I just started a blog myself and would love to share inspiration with you!

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