I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos of Elle Macpherson taken yesterday in Byron Bay.

Not only does she look absolutely amazing for 47, but she has single handedly managed to reinforce, for me, the fact that celebrities & supermodels do actually have to workout. I know can you even believe it?!?!?!

For me, it’s like it doesn’t matter how many times I read about this celebrity or that supermodel, & their strict exercise routines & ridiculously healthy eating plans, I always seem to gloss over the things they have to work their ass off doing & prefer instead to just delude myself into thinking that celebrities are just naturally destined to have a body that I can only dream of having.

Crazy I know, but it just seems so much easier convincing myself that some people are born to be slim & gorgeous, & some people are just meant to be overweight & unattractive, in other words me. And there’s no amount of exercising or healthy eating that is going to turn the latter into the former.

Seriously it has got to the point where I have been fat & unhealthy for so damn long you would be forgiven for thinking I actually enjoyed being this way.


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