weigh in

So I finally bought some scales on the weekend. A lovely set of fancy pants scales that supposedly measure not only your weight but body mass & water retention as well. Which is great & all that, if only I could figure out how to set the scales up properly to get an accurate reading.

I tested them out yesterday & today, just jumped on them without reading the instructions on how to set them up properly & I must say I was quite horrified by the fact that my weight somehow managed to jump 2.4kg in a day. Holy crap! I haven’t even had that much to eat in the past 24 hrs, so i’m thinking I definitely need to get to reading those damn instructions because if these inaccurate readings continue i’ll be 20kg heavier by the end of the week.

And there will probably be some of you out there that are questioning why I bought scales in the first place. Well it wasn’t an easy decision, I read so many conflicting stories/reports/suggestions when it comes to weighing yourself, don’t do it, do it, only do it once a week, only do it once a month whilst standing on your head & singing a showtune. Seriously it was confusing as all hell.

But I went ahead & bought some scales regardless, because I want to be accountable, I want to have an ongoing record of my successful weight loss, I want to have a countdown, I want to have an ultimate goal weight, & mini goal weights in between, I want to have that apprehensive ‘holy crap I hope i’ve lost weight’ feeling that overcomes you just before you jump on the scales, basically I just want the feeling of having accomplished something that I have put off for so long.

So I have decided that every week i’m going to jump on the scales, cross my fingers & hope for the best. I’m also going to take the plunge & post a weight update every week, believe me that is scarier than it sounds, both the revealing of how much I weigh & the fact that i’m going to put it out there for everyone to see.


One thought on “weigh in

  1. I think you can still maintain your mental health and use a scale… but it shouldn’t be the end all be all to your healthy efforts. If you’re not seeing something you like on the scales, evaluate how much better your clothes feet and how you feel! If you are seeing stuff you like on the scales… they can be your best friend! Good luck!

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