weights & measures

So I mentioned back in this post that I had bought some scales, I also happened to have mentioned that I was going to start weighing myself weekly & posting updates on my progress. Oh me & my great ideas, seriously what was I thinking?

So here they are, all horrifyingly typed out for the world to see in black & white, I contemplated bold & italic, but that just seemed like too much of a slap in the face.

The measurements are from yesterday (Sunday 8 January). Because i’m not the most organised of morning people. Mornings for me are usually a mad chaotic blur of makeup, clothes, shoes, last minute coffee brewing & trying to convince myself that i’m not late, i’m just slightly behind schedule, & it’s all ok, just breathe, i’ll still get to work on time (yeah right!).

So measurements out of the way, all I had to do this morning was weigh myself, because you know that’s such an awesome way to spend a Monday morning, scaring the crap out of yourself because you didn’t know you weighed so damn much.

Anyway all of that aside, here are all my starting weights & measurements, in all their appallingly horrendous glory:

Age: 32
Height: 6’2 (189cm)

Starting Weight: 133.8kg (294lb)

Hips: 146cm
Waist: 134cm
Bust: 131cm
Arms: 38cm
Thighs (together): 108cm

I can’t even begin to tell you how disgusted in myself I am. And obviously very deluded, because I never for one second thought I weighed so much. Sure I knew I was fat, obese even, but it’s not until you see your weight staring back at you in glaring digital form that you realise how out of control you have let yourself get.


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