goal weight one

Day Two: So far, so damn good baby!!

Started the day off with a meal replacement shake that surprisingly tastes alright, not at all like ass like I thought it was going to. Throughout the day i’ve had a lovely fruit salad, chicken & salad wrap, banana & drank enough water to make me seriously contemplate permanently relocating my office into the bathroom.

Only issue i’ve had so far, apart from the excessive peeing, is the most crushingly horrendous headache, thanks entirely to some pretty damn intense sugar withdrawals. Seriously I had no idea I was so dependent on the stuff, it’s like crack.

All that aside, I decided today that I should get cracking on the whole goal setting part of this journey. I’m yet to figure out what my ultimate goal weight is, but what I have decided on is my first goal –

Starting Weight: 133.8kg (294lb)

Goal Weight 1: 123.8kg (272lb)

Weight Loss: 10kg (22lb)

Timeframe: by 6th March

So there you go, first goal set. 10kg over 8 weeks, that’s 1.25kg a week. Sure it may not seem like much but believe me when you have struggled with your weight your whole life, that is like the weight loss equivalent of climbing Mount Everest with a small elephant strapped to your back.



3 thoughts on “goal weight one

  1. Crikey you are brave to put your vital statistics like that up online. I’ve got unflattering pictures of my ass in clothing that’s still a dress size [and, er, sometimes two] too small, but I can’t quite bring myself to tell the internet how much I weigh!

    Are you going to be running your progress solely on weight or are you going to measure yourself too? I found that sometimes I didn’t lose much weight, but my measurements were markedly smaller. Particularly if you’re doing a fair bit of exercise and building some muscle.

  2. Not so sure about brave, more like crazy, but it had to be done, even though I must admit it was kinda overwhelming, in a holy crap I just told the internet exactly how fat I am. Scary stuff.

    Very good point you made about taking measurements, sometimes you can see a reduction but not any actual weight loss. You can see my measurements in the post below (weights & measures). I’m going to update my weight & measurements each week.

  3. Ah ok, yes have just seen them now! I didn’t weigh myself for the first 6 months, but was weighed at the gym [in front of other people!] when I signed up for my contract in December. Traumatic to say the least!

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