week two – weigh in

So the good news is I didn’t put on any weight, the bad news is I didn’t lose any either.

I started off the week awesomely, all healthy eating & exercising, & then for some reason by the time the weekend rolled around I found myself eating McDonalds, & a whole bunch of carbs, & doing absolutely zero exercise. Talk about a disappointing end to an otherwise positive week.

So really there’s not much to report on my first offical weigh in, my weight is exactly the same, which I must admit is most definitely not the best outcome but it certainly could be worse.

Starting weight: 133.8kg (294lb)

16th January Weigh In: 133.8kg (294lb)

Hips: 145cm
Waist: 134cm
Bust: 131cm
Arms: 37cm
Thighs (together): 107cm


2 thoughts on “week two – weigh in

  1. Ah bugger! Still, I actually found that it took a while to start shifting, but it was a bit of a landslide once it got going [until the dreaded plateau!].

    I do think it’s a little amusing that you are *exactly* the same weight, that’s kind of the universe being a total dick, isn’t it. It’s not even like you were punished by a minor gain for the bad food you ate. What’s up with that?!

    • It’s all so frustrating at the moment, totally one of those something you want to happen quicker going slower kinda things. Argh!!

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