weekly weigh-in

Ok so you may want to be sitting down for this most momentous of euphoric occasions………….. I LOST WEIGHT!!!!!!

That’s right people, after the disappointing no loss/no gain debacle last week, I weighed in this morning & much to my surprise shock & elation I have lost 1.1kg (1.5lbs).

Can you even believe it? I couldn’t at the time, I think I may actually have broken the record for consecutive weigh-in’s in a 2 minute timeframe. Seriously I was beyond belief, so much so I couldn’t decide if I my eyes were deceiving me, the scales were broken or I was slipped a magic mushroom in my sleep & I was currently hallucinating.

I was in such a state of shock I actually ran downstairs to check what my weight was last week, because I was that convinced that there was some kind of mistake, you know like I actually did weigh less last week, or that I had overnight become numerically dyslexic & somehow managed to get all the numbers screwed up.

And you may very well be wondering why all the excitement, it’s not like I lost that much, well believe me when I say, to me it is that much, it’s a huge amount, & i’m so very proud, especially considering the only things I usually ever lose are my car keys, my purse, or ever so occasionally my mind.

9th January Starting weight: 133.8kg (294lb)

16th January Weigh In: 133.8kg (294lb)

23rd January Weight In: 132.7kg (292.5lb) Difference -1.1kg (-1.5lbs)

(Note: I didn’t take any measurements last night as I was absolutely convinced I had put on weight, so I figured urgh what’s the point……….. that will teach me for having a negative attitude!!!!)


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