So everyone seems to be raving on about Kale these days. As in all those other fads like goji berries, noni juice, coconut water, purple carrots, & standing on your head sipping lemon green tea on the edge of the mountain you have just climbed using only your teeth & sheer determination, have been replaced with, well, cabbage, that’s right people, Kale is just like cabbage, only with deformed leaves, hmmmm revolutionary.

And I must admit when I first started seeing the word Kale thrown about here & there on the internet, I did actually have to do a google search to find out exactly what it is. Thinking to myself oh great just what the world needs yet another super fantastic wonder food that some nutritionalist or geeky food scientist, has decided can make you lose 10 pounds overnight & turn you into a supermodel by your next birthday.

As it turns out I might just be wrong, as Kale does seem to have quite a few nutritional benefits to aid in the whole weight loss process, & just not specifically shred weight off your body like those other flash in a pan fads “claim” to do.

Oh & a quick aside, Victoria Beckham just tweeted that she’s addicted to it, which is surprising, not because she is addicted to it, but surprising as in she actually does eat, I always thought she just lived on air, water & fabulousness:

So i’m thinking that I may just try it, that is once I figure out where to buy it from, from the research I have done so far it seems pretty scarce here in Australia, but i’m on a mission, a Nike Lunaracer +2 mission, & we all know that was a resounding success. So stay tuned & i’ll let you know my thoughts. I figure it’s either going to taste deliciously awesome & I won’t be able to get enough of it, so much so that I will have to build a dedicated kale patch in the garden, or it will taste disgusting & every time I see a deformed looking cabbage i’ll forever be tormented by the horror of ‘the day I tried Kale’.


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