weekly weigh in

So you know that 1.1kg I was so incredibly overjoyed about losing last week?

Well guess what, it’s back!!!!

Like some kind of bad date turned stalker, you think you have got rid of them, only to find out they have been lurking in the rose bushes in the front yard the whole time.

But it’s all ok, no really it is, because i’m shocked that it wasn’t more, as in I consumed so much food & did so little exercise last week, i’m surprised that my weight gain wasn’t the equivalent of a baby elephant carrying a small toddler.

It’s funny because the slide back into eating whatever I wanted all happened because we have had family staying with us. It’s as if I suddenly thought “pft I can’t possibly eat healthy & exercise when we have guests, gosh no i’ll just eat what I want & do absolutely no physical activity instead, sure that makes total sense”.

What’s even funnier is the fact that I gained exactly 1.1kg back, which basically means that I am back at my start weight, it’s as if last weeks loss didn’t even happen.

And I can’t quite decide if that’s a total slap in my face, or a complete & utter fuck of my mind.

9th January Starting weight: 133.8kg (294lb)

16th January Weigh In: 133.8kg (294lb)

23rd January Weight In: 132.7kg (292.5lb) Difference -1.1kg (-1.5lbs)

30th January Weigh In: 133.8kg (294lb) Difference +1.1kg (+1.5lbs)


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