wednesday weigh-in

So I have decided to mix things up a bit & weigh myself on a Wednesday from now on. You know because Monday mornings are difficult enough, without having to go through the torture of weighing myself, the whole have I gained / have I lost, is just way too much stress to endure on the first morning of the working week.

And i’m unbelievably delighted at the results this week, I know it has been a week & a half instead of the usual week between weigh-ins, but I lost 3.1kg, there are simply not enough super pumped up with excitement words to describe how thrilled I am by that.

9th January Starting weight: 133.8kg (294lb)

16th January: 133.8kg (294lb)

23rd January: 132.7kg (292.5lb) Difference -1.1kg (-1.5lbs)

30th January: 133.8kg (294lb) Difference +1.1kg (+1.5lbs)

8th February: 130.7kg (288lb) Difference – 3.1kg (-6.8lbs)


4 thoughts on “wednesday weigh-in

  1. Ah well done! I too have been really battling with my actual weighing in. I usually don’t bother weighing myself and go entirely on measurements because I feel it’s a much better indication. That said, now that I’ve joined up at the gym I can use their weighing station… and I’ve become obsessed by it 😦

    At first I was 1kg down, then I was 1kg up on Sunday and yesterday I was a further 1kg up! I take this to mean weight means fuck all, given just drinking a bottle of water could elevate your weight significantly. I have been really diligent and have been eating well, exercising regularly and am down 1-2 cms around my hips and stomach, yet I weigh more. Screw that!

    I have now resolved to stop weighing myself and will only do so at the most once a month.

    • Completely agree, i’m finding the whole weigh in process both confusing & kinda perplexing. On weeks when I feel i’ve done well with my exercise & eating I put on or stay the same, & on the weeks when I feel like ive done crap, I lose weight, I really don’t get it.

      Measuring myself does sound like a good idea, but for some reason i’ve got it in my head that I need to weigh myself, maybe once I get over that i’ll be able to rely on measurements to show results.

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