riding along on my pushbike honey

I’ve come to the glaringly obvious realisation that i’m not exercising enough, as in hardly at all, as in there’s no point even mentioning that I exercise because it’s so rare & it’s always over far too quickly, I like to think of it as blink & you’ll miss it exercising. 

But I am determined to change that, & I have been absolutely tearing my hair out trying to think of something that I will not only enjoy but actually do, more than a few times that is.

First I was all about hiring a personal trainer, but then I decided that the likelihood of sticking with that was pretty much zero, then I thought hey what about boot camp, hmmmm yeah scrap that idea, the only boot camp i’m interested in would be a camp where they actually sell boots, preferably this seasons at marked down prices, & then I thought what about signing up at the gym, yup bad idea, i’ve lost count of the gyms that I have signed up with all the very best of intentions only to stop going 2 weeks later, this was followed by a whole bunch of other ideas ranging from tennis to extreme weight loss bungee jumping (if there is such a thing).

That was until I decided on bike riding, as in cycling, as in I had this lovely idea that I would buy a bike with a wicker basket on the front, you know to hold a baguette & bunch of freshly picked flowers, all Parisian urban chic. And I would ride around looking all uber glamorous, yet still managing to burn fat off at the same time. 

And you know what i’m kind of really digging this bike riding idea, so much so that i’m going to check out some bikes tomorrow, that is if I don’t wake up tomorrow morning with a completely new, potentially wacky, idea on how to get my ass (& the rest of me) moving. 



One thought on “riding along on my pushbike honey

  1. When I started getting into exercise I rode around on a bike I borrowed from my father’s wife. It was excellent exercise and really enjoyable. I think it’s a great way to ease yourself into it. Also it’s low impact which is excellent for your joints.

    I strongly suggest, however, that you go for a ride for say, 30 minutes, and then do some weight training for another 30 minutes.

    Go pick up some 2-3kg weights and do various arm exercises and do some core work too like plank… the truth is that the more muscle you build the more you raise your ‘resting metabolic rate’ which is the speed at which you burn calories just by virtue of being you. The higher your muscle % the higher that rate is, so it’s really beneficial to build some muscle early on.

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