wednesday weigh-in

So it’s Wednesday Weigh-in day again. No really it is, can you believe it. Where did the last week go? I must have blinked & missed it.

So there’s good & bad news this week, actually not so much bad, let’s just call it average, maybe not even average, let’s just say that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

The good is that I decided to measure myself again, I haven’t measured myself for awhile, don’t know why, laziness I suspect. And much to my surprise, I have lost 5 cms around my hips & 7cm around my waist. Sure that may not seem like much, but I like to think on the positive side, hey i’m 12cm smaller, go me!!

The hardly worth mentioning news is that I put on 1.1kg, I mean seriously WTF? This is one rollercoaster I am not enjoying. I think my scales are either plotting against me, or they are the electronic reincarnation of some high school mean girl, all sweet one minute & knifing you in the back the next.

But it’s fine, it’s all good, I wasn’t expecting to lose this week. I mean my eating has improved 100 fold, it could still do with improvement, but i’m trying to do this properly, I can’t just go from eating whatever I want to eating rabbit food overnight. Then there’s the exercise, yeah exercise, er what’s that? I’m not doing much, if any, enough said.

And sure I know my weight is fluctuating like crazy, but at the end of the day I still weigh less than I did on the first day of this journey. Not only that but I am slowly starting to feel better in myself & that is a far more important & uplifting thing then any number on any scale.

9th January Starting weight: 133.8kg (294lbs)

16th January: 133.8kg (294lbs)

23rd January: 132.7kg (292.5lbs) Difference -1.1kg (-1.5lbs)

30th January: 133.8kg (294lbs) Difference +1.1kg (+1.5lbs)

8th February: 130.7kg (288lbs) Difference – 3.1kg (-6.8lbs)

15th February: 131.8kg (290lbs) Difference +1.1kg (+1.5lbs)


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