So I have pretty much come to the glaringly obvious realisation that I am a procrastinator, seriously if there was an award for procrastinating there is no doubt that I would win it.

Mind you I would probably be procrastinating for so long about what to wear to the award presentation it would be over before I got there.

Awards aside, i’m actually talking about procrastinating when it comes to exercising. I think about doing some kind of exercise all day. No really I do. I sit at work all super pumped up with all these grand ideas of exercising as soon as I get home.

And it never happens, by the time I have driven home the super pumped up-ness has been replaced with lethargic complacent just want to eat dinner, watch tv & go to bed-ness.

Seriously if there is a way of getting out of exercising I will find it, i’ll re-arrange my wardrobe, paint my nails, read magazines, hell i’ll re-grout all the tiles in the bathroom if I have to.

And i’m really struggling with how to overcome it. How do I trick my brain into giving up on all the excuses, giving up on all the ways to get out of it, giving it up on just thinking about doing it & actually convince it that I need to do it.

Because at the end of the day if I dont stop procrastinating about exercising there’s absolutely no chance anything is going to change, & if nothing changes I will forever have a body that I despise, & I will never have the kind of body that I have always wanted:


5 thoughts on “procrastinating

  1. I may have a solution! I work out in the mornings. that way its over and done with PLUS all day long you feel good and are less likely to eat shit food cause you don’t wanna mess up your earlier hard work. It takes some serious willpower ,but you can do it! You got this! hope this helped

  2. Maybe it’s something as simple ensuring your exercise routine is part of the beginning of your day? It’s hard for most people to get to the gym / do a workout in the afternoon when invariably we’re all tired.

    I find morning exercise is invigorating instead of tiring, I will bail on an afternoon session much quicker than I’d dream of bailing on a morning session.

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I too am procrastinator with everything. Exercise is hard for me too. I tend to exercise when I feel my best which is early evening. And seeing a show that I like while exercising helps.

  4. Thanks for the tips!!

    I agree that working out in the morning is a great idea, only problem is im not really a morning person. But I guess that is just something I am going to have to overcome if I want to see results.

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