no it doesn’t look big in that

So there are a few areas on my body that I would like to lose weight from, actually scrap the few, & replace that with pretty much every inch of my body, you name it & undoubtedly you’ll find it listed someone in my ever-increasing catalogue of areas I want to lose weight.

Mind you there are actually some areas that I definitely dont want to lose weight, one being my boobs, the other being my butt, or bum, bottom, rear, ass, booty, whatever it is that you like to call it.

My boobs i’m relatively happy with, the size that is (dd), not the perkiness or lack there of, but I plan on adding that to the surgery I hope to get when I have got to a size that I am happy with. And yes I really do plan on getting surgery, because if there is one thing I am dreading it’s having so much excess skin that it just hangs off me flapping around in the breeze. So of course I absolutely plan on getting it removed, I mean when will I ever need it again? Perhaps on the very off chance I should ever find myself stranded on a deserted island i’ll be able to fashion a life raft made out of all the sagging skin I have left over, now that would be handy.

The one thing I can’t get surgery on is my bum, ok well actually you can get butt implants, but for some reason I have this idea that I would end up having to spend the rest of my life standing up for fear that the implants would explode on impact if I sat down.

And sure I should really be focusing on losing weight, I am, no really I am, but I can’t help but want to improve other areas as well. The other area specifically being my butt. Because I seem to have been blessed (for lack of a better word) with what I like to call a pancake bum.

Believe me when I say it’s small, it’s that small & flat if I didn’t have hips or belts, my pants & skirts would end up permanently accessorising my ankles. Seriously I have never tried something on & asked a boyfriend (actually not anyone ever) does my butt looked big in this? Because undoubtedly that would be met with some incredulous look, followed by a what butt?

And i’m not saying that I want some massive bum, you know one so big that everytime I moved it would have so much gravitational pull that the entire solar system shifted closer. I just want one that is a little more padded & toned, you know something to be proud of when I turn around & look in the mirror.


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