So apparently, actually not so much apparently as it’s a documented fact, that yoga & pilates are the key to a long lean flexible body.

I have actually tried yoga a few times, back when I was going to the gym I used to do a class called ‘Body Balance’. It was a great class, that was until they changed instructors. The first instructor was inspiring with a joyful happy personality. The second instructor had a sleep-inducing monotone voice with a lacklustre personality, & that kinda ruined it for me.

But in saying that I think I might start doing yoga & pilates. I’ve looked into classes & there are some that are close to home (always a good thing, there’s nothing more off putting than having to drive an hour to get to a gym).

I would absolutely love to be flexible enough to do the moves below. Because at the moment i’d be lucky if I could get on the floor in the first place without laboured breathing or somehow injuring myself in the process:


10 thoughts on “yogalates

  1. I love yoga. I’ve only gone to one class when I was in college but I didnt like it. It was dark and I didnt understand what the moves were but I’ve done a lot of yoga DVDs and I love them. Doing a move that was hard just weeks before give the most accomplished feeling! good luck

    • Thanks for the suggestion Andrea. I have looked into introductory offers, but the cheapest I have been able to find is $12 per session. Maybe I should move to the US, everything seems cheaper over there 🙂

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