off to a good start

So I have finally filled out my March Madness Workout Calendar, I know I know I sure did take my time about it.

I think it took so long because I couldn’t really decide exactly what I wanted to do, sure I knew that I wanted to exercise more, that was a given, what I couldn’t decide on is what exercises I wanted to do & how often I wanted to do them.

But after the 23rd draft I decided to just go with what you see below. I think it’s pretty good, it’s not too same same, i’ve thrown in some rest days, plus it’s not too intense.

And sure I could have gone totally hardcore about it & filled it in with 3 hour gym sessions, 6 hour mountain hikes & a few heptathlon events thrown in here & there, but I tried to be realistic about it, actually not just realistic but sensible as well.

Because I know myself too well, i’ve gone in all guns blazing before & all that ever did was burn me out so much that I was over it 2 days after I started.


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