tea for one

So I love coffee, no really I do, I love it as in I simply cannot get through an entire day without drinking a few cups, & by few I really mean 5 (sometimes more).

And to some of you that may seem like a ridiculous amount to consume every day, but I guess, just like so many other things in life, drinking so much coffee has become a habit that I just don’t seem to be able to shake.

Until now that is, because I think I have reached the point where I need to make some changes coffee-wise.

The way I see it, as you all know i’m trying to make healthy improvements to my life, & so far, as well as everything is going, there are still a few areas that I need to improve. Excessive coffee drinking being one of them.

The thing is though, along with so many of my other changes, I can’t just go cold turkey, or espresso turkey, or latte turkey, or whatever the coffee version of just quitting is.

Because permanently removing coffee from my life is like choosing to have my right arm hacked off. Ok so not quite, but you get the enormity of it. I still want to be able to enjoy a good coffee, it’s just that I need to be more sensible about it, oh & not drink it in such large quantities.

So i’m thinking that a fantastic replacement for some of my coffee consumption would be green tea. Not only because I quite like the taste of it, but also because it appears to have so many ridiculously fantastic benefits:

Plus, & this is a totally awesome plus, it apparently assists weight loss. Sold! Sign me up! I’m converted!

The question now is though, how many cups (per day) of green tea is good for you? I’ve read so many conflicting reports about it, one person says no more than 3 cups a day, another person says drink 6 litres whilst soaking yourself in a green tea filled bath then drink another 4 litres whilst drying yourself off with a green tea infused towel followed by a full body lathering of green tea moisturiser.

So i’m wondering what your thoughts are about green tea? Have you incorporated it into your healthy eating/drinking plan? And how many cups do you drink/recommend?


9 thoughts on “tea for one

  1. I’ve been drinking green tea for awhile now, and I typically go with the three-cup rule. It has less caffeine than coffee so you might not feel as energized or awake as you normally would, but your body should get used to the reduced caffeine eventually.
    Also, I find it easier to switch up the flavor of tea I drink. If I just drink green tea, after awhile I’m craving for a different taste, so instead of reaching for a Diet Coke (Diet Coke for me is like coffee for you), I’ll drink pomegranate or African Autumn tea.

    • 3 cups certainly sounds like a good amount. I like green tea but I don’t love it enough to have too much of it.

      Love your idea about switching up the flavors 🙂

  2. Recently, I too decided to make the switch from coffee to green tea. Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘switch’. It’s more like I’ve incorporated green tea into my daily fix. I used to drink about four cups of coffee per day, and then, not so long ago, I started feeling really bad. And I realised that my body was screaming for help. And though I love coffee, I try to limit it to two a day. And in the meantime, I manage a cup or two of green tea (which is a big thing for me because I never used to like tea). So I think your choice to switch it up a bit is wise. You can still have your coffee, and the tea is not doing you any harm, so it’s a double bonus! Don’t know what the right amount should be though, but I’m assuming everything in moderation is ok 🙂

  3. I have tried green tea but have admit it doesn’t do a lot for me. Is it the taste of coffee you love or the effect of the caffeine? You could try using half decaf to start with and slowly increasing until you are not using caffeine at all. I even drink decaf tea now as otherwise I get no sleep!

    • It’s really the taste of coffee I love so much. The caffeine seems to have little if any effect on me. Although in saying that I might just try your suggestion of decaf, I’ve never actually tried it before.

  4. From what I understand (via dietitian and researching) there isn’t really anything wrong with coffee, it’s more about what you’re putting into it. I’ve tried switching to tea, but it just ain’t happening lol I used to drink it with disgusting cream and 2 sugar, but I’m now drinking it with a bit of milk and 1 sugar and on average about 3 a day.

    • So true I think it’s the milk & sugar I put in that’s causing the most harm. I’ve tried cutting both out, no sugar I can do but I can’t seem to stomach black coffee, it just tastes far too bitter.

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