So I joined a gym last night, well actually it’s a leisure centre, yes there is a difference.

Gyms: abundance of pretentious posers + abundance of mirrored walls = abundance of said pretentious posers more interested in checking themselves out in said mirrored walls than actually focusing on their workout.

Leisure Centres: abundance of non-pretentious non-posers + abundance of non-mirrored walls = a more comfortable, more enjoyable, less imposing place to workout.

So having finally learnt my lesson I only signed up for 3 months. Which may not seem like much of a commitment to some. But if you knew how many times I have signed up for 6 & 12 month contracts only to stop going after 1 month & how much money I have wasted in doing so, you would be positively horrified.

And I must say that i’m really looking forward to going. Something I never thought that I would say, because usually making the effort to go & workout has always felt like more of a chore than something to look forward to. But I guess that’s what comes with having to deal with the fact that I am now alone, I have no one else to focus on but myself.


5 thoughts on “gymspired

  1. Hi Melissa. Kudos to you for joining a leisure centre. Just wondering why you have stopped going to the gym after a month? Do you think it is because of the people that attend the gym or that you find it hard to get motivated to go? I know when I had a membership I was ever so enthusiastic to begin with and then that enthusiasm waned. It was not that I wasn’t determined to shed those kilos, more that I just found it a chore to drag myself to the gym every day. I found I much preferred walking and doing yoga at home. I would love to know what you think. Drop me a line sometime.

    • Hi Tricia, that’s a really good question. I think for me it’s a combination of both. I find walking into a gym filled with skinny beautiful people incredibly overwhelming & it seems to make me even more self conscious than I would normally be. But the motivation factor goes into it as well. It’s hard if I go home before I workout, I find if I go straight to the gym without heading home first I’m more inclined to do it, otherwise I just get lazy & decide to just watch tv instead. In saying that I have been trying to workout at home, but have found that I’m even less motivated than if I had to force myself to go to the gym/leisure centre.

  2. Good going! Now you can do High Intensity Interval Training from the comfort of your own leisure centre!! Very proud of you to keep up with this challenge in such trying times.

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