progress update

So March Madness got off to a stellar start, I was all pumped up, super motivated & filled to the brim with enthusiasm.

I had my workouts all sorted out, exercise dvds & yoga mat purchased, food intake planned. I even bought myself a pinboard & filled it with a bunch of motivating & inspiring images (see below), kind of like my own old school version of Pinterest.

And then somewhere along the line, I practically lost the will to live, let alone keep up with any March Madness plans.

And anyone that has ever broken up with someone they had planned on spending the rest of their life with, will totally understand where i’m coming from.

It’s like once you have lost that person, the person you imagined growing old with, the person who you love with complete & utter unwavering intensity, it’s incredibly hard, nigh on impossible to even contemplate feeling anything other than completely hurt & broken.

Seriously in the last week & a half I have consumed more energy just trying to keep myself together, than I have on eating or exercising or anything else for that matter.

My food intake has reduced considerably. Meaning I feel physically ill all the time & can barely eat more than a few mouthfuls. I nibble on bits of this & that during the day, & I have 1 main meal at dinner time. And I know i’m not eating enough, but I defy anyone who is going through what I am to be able to eat more than that.

As for my exercising it’s a tad hit & miss, one day i’m able to push myself enough to go for a walk or do some exercise at home, the next i’m lucky if I can make it down stairs without my legs collapsing from the sheer gravity of my heart continuing to shatter even more than the miniscule pieces it is already in.

So really I guess there’s not much to report on progress wise, but I have had quite a few emails asking how things are going, so I thought I had better post an update of sorts.

I plan on writing a more comprehensive progress update at the end of March, & then it will be onto Awesome April!! And here’s hoping April’s Awesomeness totally kicks the ass of what has undeniably been the worst March of my life.


5 thoughts on “progress update

  1. Oh Melissa I am sorry to hear this. How could someone pass you up? Seriously, it is their loss not yours, especially when you reach your goals ; ) My thoughts and best wishes are with you. Here is to a totally kick hiney April xo

    • Thanks Tricia, i’ve been asking myself the same question every day. Oh well not much I can do about it now. I will just have more time now to focus on my goals. Your thoughts & best wishes are much appreciated xx

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