foodie friday

I noticed that I haven’t been posting much about food, probably because food & eating haven’t exactly been up there on my list of priorities lately.

But along with so many other things in my life that are currently changing I thought I would also start changing up some of the content on this blog, namely posting more about healthy food options.

So the first installment is something that I came across on tumblr, it’s a recipe (for lack of a better word) for frozen yoghurt drops.

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of yoghurt. The only time I really eat it is if i’m absolutely starving & I have no other option. I guess your now probably wondering why i’m posting about something I don’t actually really like all that much.

Well it’s not that I hate it, I do like yoghurt in general, I just don’t like the consistency. Just like I love cereal but I think it’s disgusting if it’s drowning in milk & has reduced to the point of mushy slop. That’s why I thought this frozen recipe was perfect. You get all the benefits of yoghurt without the gag inducing consistency issues, plus it’s low in calories & for all your northern hemisphere-ites it would be the perfect snack for the upcoming summer months.


  1. Spoon flavoured yoghurt into a plastic freezer bag
  2. Squeeze yoghurt into one corner as if using a piping bag
  3. Cut the corner off side of the plastic freezer bag
  4. Squeeze dots onto a cookie pan
  5. Place in the freezer for about an hour (or until set)
  6. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “foodie friday

  1. They look great. I’ve never tried frozen yoghurt but really like yoghurt covered peanuts so thinking these might be lovely.
    Wondering though if it will work with European yoghurt as I noticed that some US yoghurts have gelatin in them :S

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