the return

So i’m back from Israel, well i’ve actually been back for nearly a week, but i’ve been stuck in this weird, kinda outta of it, body clock all out of whack, fuzzy headed surrealness, that comes with 30 hours of exhausting travel to get home mixed with a serious case of jet lag.

And can I just say that Israel was AMAZING!! Seriously I fell in love with the place instantaneously, thanks in part to the incredibly hot, machine gun wielding, Israeli Defence Force guys at the airport when I landed. But also because there was not one thing I disliked about the whole country. The people were lovely, the scenery was breathtaking, the weather was perfect, even driving over there, once I got over the chaotic no road rules madness, was completely exhilarating.

And I cannot even begin to tell you how much I wish I was still over there, so much so i’m thinking about taking Hebrew lessons, in the hope that one day work might agree to relocate me over there. And hey if that fails maybe I can just marry a good looking Israeli guy, believe me there are plenty of them over there!

I’m also happy to report that I managed to eat healthily & walk every day after work, I mean seriously when the Mediterranean is right on the doorstep of your hotel it’s a bit hard not to feel inspired to go for a walk.

Unfortunately things haven’t been so awesome on the eating/exercise front since I arrived back in Melbourne. Thanks to the jet lag & my completely abnormal sleeping pattern at the moment, i’ve found myself eating at the most ridiculous hours, like 2am in the morning, seriously its like im 19 again & have the munchies after a night out clubbing. Plus there was the incident the other night when I fell down the stairs & ended up with my left leg at such a ridiculously wrong angle i’m surprised i’m not wheelchair bound.

But a week of bad eating & an incredibly sore injured knee is not going to deter me, because I have to keep my eye on the prize, the prize being that in 25 days I will be in Hawaii!!!!

And i’m competely aware that i’m not going to miraculously lose all my excess weight in 25 days, but I am determined to lose some weight, even if it’s just 5kgs, because that means when i’m on Waikiki beach i’ll not only be somewhat slimmer but I will be one step closer to my ultimate goal weight.


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