update of sorts

Well I haven’t weighed myself lately or done any measurements, I know, I know, what a complete & utter slacker!!

I also haven’t had any progress photos taken lately either, not sure why, oh wait that’s right, because the last set of photos were taken by my ex & well he left me / I pushed him away, & I haven’t quite mastered the art of setting the timer on my camera as yet.

But to give you some kind of idea of how i’m travelling so to speak, I wore some pants to work today that I haven’t worn for awhile, & I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I put them on & they didn’t fit me quite as snug as they did before, so surely something must be working right?

I was also looking through my Israel photos today, & even though there was only one photo of myself in the 200+ photos I took, that one photo, & I can’t believe i’m about to say this, I actually looked at it & thought “hey I don’t look that bad”. Not in a conceited up myself kinda way but in a, she who literally hates every photo of herself can actually look at this one without cringing at the ugly unattractive overweight fatness of it:

But before I get too ahead of myself with the whole starting to feel better about the way I look thing, the only other photo that contained any part of me was one of my feet, why you ask? Well I was on the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv, & although next time i’m there I fully intend on having reached my goal of wearing a bikini, unfortunately this time, the only frolicking in the Mediterranean I felt confident enough to do, was with my feet & ankles aka the only things on my body that aren’t actually fat:


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