back to reality

After 2 amazing weeks in Hawaii, i’m unfortunately back to reality, no more sandy beaches, perfect weather & relaxation, its all cold rainy weather & catching up on a fortnight of work that was left for me.

I absolutely love traveling, i’ve been to so many places i’ve actually lost count. And whilst I have loved every vacation I have ever been on, this one was especially important & most definitely needed, in more ways than I can truly express.

Before I left Melbourne I was a wound up bundle of depressed, stressed out, negative energy. I hadn’t managed to get over the break up, work was stressing me out beyond belief & I dreaded going home at night to an empty house filled with upsetting memories.

But boy how that has changed. Two weeks in Hawaii has somehow managed to all but eliminate the things I was depressed about. I’ve got my head around the break up & accepted that we are not getting back together, not ever. And i’ve also convinced myself not to get so stressed out about work, it’s just a job, & it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get everything done everyday, there’s always tomorrow.

And your probably wondering how i’ve come back with this new & improved attitude. Well I would love to say that it was easy, but it wasn’t, it was difficult, more difficult than I can even comprehend.

The thing with being in Hawaii is that once you have done all the touristy sightseeing things, which we did on the first few days, there’s really not that much to do other than shop & sit by the pool or at the beach, soaking up the sun & thinking.

And thinking I did, & you know what, instead of getting all up in my head over-analysing things like I normally do, I just took a different approach, I decided to only place emphasis on things that were important & made me happy, anything else I decided to eliminate from my mind entirely, or at least process it, then file it at the back of my mind under miscellaneous crap. And after a week of doing that, I must have changed because my friend mentioned that I seemed so much happier & didn’t act like I had the problems of the world on my shoulders.

The other turning point was when I was chatting to this lady by the pool one night, just the two of us sitting there enjoying the late night tropical weather. She was 72, from California, her husband had died when he was 45 & she had been single ever since because he was it for her. I told her about my break up & instead of doing the whole ohhhh im so sorry like most other people do, she said that it was meant to be that way, that he wasnt the one for me, to stop wasting time on him because he isnt thinking about me & that the guy for me, the one I am meant to be with, will show up one day & everything will just fall into place. And if it doesnt happen until i’m 80 then I shouldnt waste my life waiting for that moment, that I need to find my own happiness.

And i’m not sure if she just was telling me what I wanted to hear, or if she was being nice to me, or if she really knew what she was talking about, but whatever it was i’m so glad I met her because she was an integral part in the whole dealing with things process.

So anyway i’m back, it was fantastic, it was awesome, I love Hawaii more now than all the other times ive been there, but most importantly it was the positive turning point that I so desperately needed.


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