reboot restart resurrect

As many of you know, I started this blog back in January with all the very best of intentions. I was filled to the brim with drive, determination & fist pumping enthusiasm to finally begin the journey that would eventually end with the three things that seem to have evaded me my whole life – glowing health, insane fitness & weight loss (plus a jaw-dropping body to match).

Unfortunately by March my world had come crashing down around me & it took all my strength to get out of bed every morning, let alone being able to spare any miniscule amount of extra strength I had doing any form of exercise.

And even though it’s still the cold of winter here in Melbourne, & I may work ridiculously long hours & not get home until well after dark, i’m not going to use either as some pathetic excuse to stay at home wrapped up in a blanket watching some addictive reality show on Foxtel. It’s time I stop feeling sorry for myself, time I let the last (nearly) 6 months stop defining who I am as a person & time I got myself back on track.

But in saying that, i’m certainly not going to go in all guns blazing & start signing up at this gym & that yoga studio. Instead i’m going to make myself go for a walk every night, I don’t care if I have to dress up like i’m going on an arctic expedition, i’m determined not to let my constant work related exhaustion or the weather get in my way.

And I know there’s going to be people out there, that will be thinking what the hell she is only walking, but you know what I don’t care, i’m walking, i’ve already started eating better, & for once in my life i’m going to do this properly, no crash dieting, no starving myself, no giving up after 2 weeks of signing on for a 12 month gym membership.

It all begins now, & i’m going to need all the strength, determination, support, motivation, willpower, resolve & perseverance I can possibly muster.


8 thoughts on “reboot restart resurrect

  1. You are definitely moving forward. I have also made many reboots, restarts, & resurrections and they only make us stronger. Never give up!

  2. Melissa,
    As I read your article, I was afraid you’d end it with giving up the blog. I was happy to hear you weren’t, and that you are starting again with new resolve. Whatever movement beyond the norm counts. I have the same struggles as you with health and weight loss. I don’t have a magic answer either. I think we have to just keep digging deeper until we connect with really loving ourselves and putting our health first … above the job, exhaustion, housework, dog, spouse, etc. I love your blog, keep moving and grooving.

    • Awwwww thanks!! I did think about finishing up with the blog, but then I thought about it properly & in some way it sort of keeps me going/focused. And it makes it all worth it when I get such lovely comments from people such as yourself 🙂

  3. There is a lot of research out there about the benefits of walking! It’s a great place to begin! Blogging is such a great way to become part of a community, so keep sharing. Wishing you all the best!

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