i’ve lost weight….. apparently

So this is the most current photo of me, it was taken on Sunday when I went back home to celebrate my 33rd birthday.

A few of my family members who haven’t seen me since May commented on how much weight I have lost. As in they were literally in shock at the amount of difference between now & then. And even though I don’t see it or really believe it, it’s always a lovely thing to hear, especially in my overly vunerable & emotionally unstable state.

Who would have guessed huh? That the most effective diet I have ever inadvertently done involved being dumped by the guy I thought I was going to marry, he who couldn’t even be bothered to send me a text on my birthday.

Turns out having your heart broken helps you not only lose faith that there are any decent men out there, but it also helps you lose weight as well.


5 thoughts on “i’ve lost weight….. apparently

  1. I, too, have lost weight that way – even kept it off for a year. Too bad I didn’t learn my healthy habits at that time so that I wouldn’t be working to get it off again now. You’ve got a jump on me in that area!

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