i have arrived

I’m back again, or should that be back again again or again again again again. Ok so i’ll be the first to admit that i’m a tad inconsistent when it comes to posting on here. Not intentionally of course, it’s just that sometimes life gets in the way & before you know it months have passed & then there’s that moment of, oh yeah I have a blog I should really get back to that.

So here I am, living in a new city, Perth. Which has turned out to quite possibly be the most significant life changing move that I have ever made.

And it’s a move I have wanted to make for over 3 years, way back before I moved to Melbourne with the guy who broke my heart. Back before it felt like my entire life was crashing down around me & it took every ounce of resolve to get out of bed every morning.

And the road to get here may have had more arduous twists & turns than I had anticipated, but boy am I glad I have finally arrived, in more ways than one.

mind & heart


3 thoughts on “i have arrived

  1. Wow Perth ! I loved your post for many reasons, just two of them, the guy I love just crushed my heart and my life vanished in front of my very eyes and I love Perth. Would love to live there !!!
    Thanks for being back !

    • So sorry to hear that 😦 Might seem like the end of life as you know it, but you’ll not only get through it you’ll also get to the other side of it & something even better will be there waiting for you. It’s definitely not easy but if I can do it anyone can!! Besides if all else fails just move to Perth hehe

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