twenty one

So apparently it takes 21 days to change/form/make/break a habit. Why 21 & not 52 or 8 or 213? Well your guess is as good as mine.

I googled the subject earlier, got totally bamboozled by all the conflicting information & gave up after 21 minutes, that’s right people it only took minutes not days to break out of the habit of googling how long it takes to break out of a habit, well look at me being the high achiever.

But it did get me thinking, when it comes to habits is 21 days really enough? I’m pretty sure I could not eat chocolate for 21 days & still end up wanting to eat copious amounts of it on day 22.

So I thought I would test the theory & have decided for the next 21 days i’m going to walk at least 5km each day, starting today (or tonight) of course, because when it comes to exercise & working out there is no such thing as starting tomorrow.



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