baby steps

So last night on my now nightly walk I decided I would up the ante just a tad & try out this foreign movement called running. I lasted a whole 2 minutes, in fact i’m not sure it was even 2 minutes, it could have been 2 seconds, it felt like 2 hours.

For those of you that are overweight I’m sure you will understand when I say running is probably as difficult as trying to complete an obstacle course blindfolded with a broken leg & one arm tied behind your back.

Let’s just put it this way, in those whole 2 minutes of running I embarked on, not only did I feel (& most likely look) like an uncoordinated obese giraffe, but I also felt like a complete idiot.

And by idiot I mean how many runnners out there do you see not only holding onto their boobs for fear of knocking themselves out, but also panting so hard you’d think they were one breath away from collapsing to the ground in a tidal wave of blubber? None? Well clearly you weren’t in my neighbourhood last night.

And I hate to say it, especially after such a pitiful attempt, but I’m not sure if running is ever going to be for me. I like the idea of it, I just don’t like the feeling of so much fat moving around so independently from my frame.





11 thoughts on “baby steps

  1. Don’t give up! It feels like a foreign movement because it IS a foreign movement to your muscles. Running and walking use different muslces, different leg/knee angles and even different postures,

    You’ll get used to it over time and through practice, trust me!


  2. Hey there! I’m… well. From the measurements you posted we are around the same size except that I’m pretty sure I’m shorter. And I LOVE running (also, hey. It’s good to meet a fellow Aussie blogging! Everyone in America is posting summer clothes and I’m all “… no.”) There are a couple of tips I have to share:

    You can’t go all out first up. It just plain doesn’t work, you will feel like you’re dying. Walking is a good start, so what you do next is interval training. There’s a program called Couch-to-5-k which aims to take you from being a couch potato to running 5k in 9 weeks. In actual practical fact, that’s kind of–well, MY fitness certainly didn’t go up that fast. I ended up repeating many, many weeks until I felt I wasn’t going to die if I stepped it up a level.

    Things to make similar programs more interesting: there are free podcasts you can get to run to. What I can REALLY recommend is the Zombies Run! to 5K training app (if you like zombie stories, which I do). It tells you a story as you run, you can play music and it turns out I won’t run for any hypothetical “Hey, get fit and lose weight” but I will run for stories. Go figure.

    Focus on your posture. Don’t slump over. Imagine a string suspending you from the top of your head–neck long and head up, spine long and core muscles braced. Try and keep your breathing even and deep. Breathe to a count if you have to.

    Go as slow as you need to. Your pace should be dictated by the terrain, and how you’re feeling physically, especially your breathing. As a test, when you’re running, you should be able to speak, but not in long unbroken sentences. If you’re gasping for breath, slow down to a walk. I honestly don’t run much faster than I walk. I have been lapped by a little old lady with a cane. No shame! I’m running to push myself (and potentially live when the zombie apocalypse comes 😀 ) not be the fastest.

    Regarding the bounce factor? As a well-endowed lady, I can absolutely recommend these two bras by berlei
    Get professionally fitted, find out what size you are and then say you have to think about it and order online. Also, there may be factory outlet shops where they’re cheaper.

    … wow, this is a long comment. Hi! Don’t give up, I hope you find that running is awesome!

    • Gosh I think this might be the longest comment ever!!! I wish there was some kind of award or trophy dipped in gold that I could give you hehe.

      But seriously thanks for taking the time to give me some much info, I won’t address it individually but I have definitely taken it all in & i’ve already checked out some things you suggested.

      So thanks heaps & keep up the awesome work!! Maybe one of these days we can go for a run together 🙂

  3. is a GREAT place to start. I was 325 pounds when I started, and after the first 60 second run interval, I wanted to follow the treadmill belt underneath and die there. Interval running helped me out big time (and I truly discovered how important good shoes are). I’m now doing C210K trainer and starting week 13, day 1 tonight (22 min running, 1 min walk in 2 sets). You can do it, keep at it!

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