We all know that the number on a set of scales is not an exact representation of what we weigh or more to the point how much fat we are actually carrying.

Sure there’s those fandangled scales that say they can measure body weight against water retention & muscle mass, but how accurate they are? Well that’s anyone’s guess. 

And I was actually going to go out & buy some scales today, mainly so I could update my progress & statistics page but then I was reminded of the fact that just because the scales say I lost 2kg that doesn’t exactly mean that those 2kg were fat. 

So instead I decided that I’m going to start measuring myself, every week or maybe fortnight I’m going to get the trusty tape measure out & see if I have reduced my size as opposed to reduced the number on the scales. 

So here are this weeks measurements, & I must admit that I cringe as I write this because man are those measurements appalling. But in the spirit of positive upbeat thinking & all that, I just made a promise to myself that this is the last time I will ever see those exact numbers appear anywhere on this blog. 

week one measurements


One thought on “measurements

  1. I love that doodle! I recently wrote a post called ‘Big Mouth Strikes Again’ about the evil thing called the scale. I’m pretty much done with it and realize that measurements is the way to go.

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