13th August

So in 30 days from tomorrow I will have completed the 30 day squat challenge. Notice how I didn’t include ‘hopefully’ in that sentence? Go me & the positive thinking!!

Today I was putting some thought into what reward I am going to give myself once I have finished, because we all need a little something more than just the sense of accomplishment.

And usually I would reward myself with something food related & well seeing as this is the new improving me I’ve decided that I’m going to reward myself with something more tangible instead.

I thought long & hard about what my first reward would be, it had to be something worth all the effort, & so I have decided on a gorgeous Samantha Wills ring called Show Your Heart.

Normally I wouldn’t think twice about just ordering this ring right now, but where’s the satisfaction in that? I’m going to buy it instead on the 13th August, so I can look at it, smile & have a constant reminder of how far I have come & how determined I was to deserve it.



7 thoughts on “13th August

  1. Yay non-food-related rewards! I’m having to redefine my relationship with food–to think of it purely as a source of satisfying physical hunger, and a source of fuel/nutrition. I have to not eat because bored/sad/tired.

    • I do the same thing, well I have done. When I’m sad or especially bored I turn to food, it’s a habit that I definitely need to kick that’s for sure.

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