rest day

So yesterday was my rest day & I have to admit that it was kind of strange not doing any form of exercise.

I thought about doing something, even just going for a leisurely walk, but I know if I did that once I was out walking there would be nothing leisurely about it. I’d end up pushing myself to go further & faster & that would totally defeat the purpose of having a day off.

And we all need rest days. This is something I only just realised. Every other time I have tried to lose weight & get fitter I would go hell for leather & make myself workout everyday only to burn out after a few weeks.

So I have incorporated two rest days into my current routine, Thursdays & Sundays. Mainly because I need to take a breather, some time to rest & recuperate. Because I know my body, & I know that the second it starts feeling overworked its going to be all like screw this I’m giving up.



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