So I’ve started to incorporate yoga into my routine. I don’t know what’s more startlingly about that sentence the fact that I’m actively adding more exercise to my life or the fact that I actually have a routine now.

So far I’ve only done a few beginners YouTube videos & I don’t know I guess I thought that I’d be better at it. But I’m not. I soon realised that I’ve got little to no strength & my balance is so off kilter I’m surprised I don’t fall over more often.

But in saying that there is a part of me that is enjoying it. I enjoy a challenge (sometimes) & the fact that I’m so crap at it now hasn’t made me want to give up, it’s just made me more determined to get better at it.

Who knows in 6 months from now I might be posting a photo of myself in some ridiculously convoluted pose & you’ll be all like wow how the hell did she manage that.



7 thoughts on “namaste

  1. Yoga is amazing! I can’t do it at the moment cause my ankle screams at me, but I really enjoy it. I’ve found a great (free) resource is There are some fantastic vids there, and no ads!

    • I actually did read about on your blog & have already checked it out. I agree it has some really great vids on there, only prob is that some of the beginners vids are a tad too long.

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