the colour run

So I found out that there is going to be a colour run here in Perth. Excited much? You betcha I am!!

I’ve wanted to do a colour run for ages. Not really sure why, I think I just like the idea of getting pummelled with a kaleidoscope of coloured powder or maybe it’s just because I’m up for anything that celebrates healthiness, happiness & individuality.

I’ve encouraged one of my friends to compete with me, which is fantastic. Although I suspect there might be a tad more casual strolling & chatting than actual running.

And I must admit I’m kinda blown away about how pumped up I am about it. You see not that long ago I would have laughed in your face & said you have got to be joking if you had asked me to compete in a 5k run/walk in front of a crowd of strangers all looking at me (trust me it’s not everyday you see a 6’2 woman).

But how times have changed because not only am I super super excited to be competing, even though it is mainly just for fun, I actually can’t wait until I get fit enough to start competing in proper races & marathons. Wow, just bare with me a second while I collect myself off the floor from the sheer shock of having just written that.