tea for one

I’m obsessed with coffee. There I said it. And by obsessed I mean I drink at least 3 a day, sometimes more very rarely less.

And I’ve never really thought about it as an obsession or addiction until the other day when I was so busy at work I only had time to have one in the morning. By lunchtime I had a headache, by mid afternoon I was jittery & couldn’t focus on anything other than the overwhelming desire to get a fix.

And I never thought the day would come when I would have to make the conscious decision to cut back on my coffee intake. But alas the day, much to my chagrin, has arrived.

As you all know I’m embarking on a healthier lifestyle, & by doing that I’ve had to start making some changes like eliminating fast food & limiting the amount of junk I eat & now it seems reducing the amount of coffee I drink too.

So as a replacement I’ve started to drink green tea, of course it doesn’t even compare to the enjoyment I get out of coffee but I’m hoping one day soon it will.


motivation & the lack there of

I think the biggest struggle when it comes to trying to lose weight, tone up & get fit is motivation & the lack there of. 

Finding not only the time but the motivation to work out & eat correctly is a constant battle that gnaws away at us on a daily basis. It’s just that life feels hard enough as it is sometimes without the added stress of attending fitness classes, power walking, grilling chicken & steaming vegetables. 

And I must admit that I’ve lost count of the number of excuses to prevent me from exercising that I have come up with over the years. Inclement weather, nail painting, hair washing, wardrobe rearranging, magazine reading, reality tv watching…………………. actually let’s just put it this way, if I sat down & wrote a list you’d still be waiting for me to finish it a week from now.

And I wish I was one of those people that got up at 4am, went for a 10km run, drank a shot of wheatgrass, ate super healthy all day & then did zumba, boxing & pilates classes after work. But I’m not, I wake up with barely enough time to get ready, eat reasonably well for the first half of the day, eat chocolate for the second half, get home from work & collapse on my bed as if I had just single handedly solved the world economic crisis, abolished poverty & ran the entire Australian government. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has written off an entire day by one seemingly bad thing. Just had sugar in your morning coffee, well there goes the whole day then, i’ll just continue eating what I want & well seeing as I’m doing that there’s really no point exercising today either.  

So I guess my question is, how do you change a lifetime of lacking motivation? How do you commit to working out & eating healthy on a daily basis if there are just so many roadblocks preventing you? Sure mine are mainly self-imposed, but they are still there & I’m struggling to find a way around them. 


i can do it

reboot restart resurrect

As many of you know, I started this blog back in January with all the very best of intentions. I was filled to the brim with drive, determination & fist pumping enthusiasm to finally begin the journey that would eventually end with the three things that seem to have evaded me my whole life – glowing health, insane fitness & weight loss (plus a jaw-dropping body to match).

Unfortunately by March my world had come crashing down around me & it took all my strength to get out of bed every morning, let alone being able to spare any miniscule amount of extra strength I had doing any form of exercise.

And even though it’s still the cold of winter here in Melbourne, & I may work ridiculously long hours & not get home until well after dark, i’m not going to use either as some pathetic excuse to stay at home wrapped up in a blanket watching some addictive reality show on Foxtel. It’s time I stop feeling sorry for myself, time I let the last (nearly) 6 months stop defining who I am as a person & time I got myself back on track.

But in saying that, i’m certainly not going to go in all guns blazing & start signing up at this gym & that yoga studio. Instead i’m going to make myself go for a walk every night, I don’t care if I have to dress up like i’m going on an arctic expedition, i’m determined not to let my constant work related exhaustion or the weather get in my way.

And I know there’s going to be people out there, that will be thinking what the hell she is only walking, but you know what I don’t care, i’m walking, i’ve already started eating better, & for once in my life i’m going to do this properly, no crash dieting, no starving myself, no giving up after 2 weeks of signing on for a 12 month gym membership.

It all begins now, & i’m going to need all the strength, determination, support, motivation, willpower, resolve & perseverance I can possibly muster.