body pump

I did a body pump class tonight, the first & last body pump class that I intend on doing for quite some time. And no it it’s not because my arms & legs literally felt like jelly afterwards, it’s actually because of the length (of lack thereof) of the goddamn step.

At first I was happy that there was a point in the class that we would get to lie down, I was borderline exhausted by that point. That was until I realised that the step is not designed for someone who is six foot two. Seriously for someone my height that step feels like it’s about the size of a small house brick.

And i’m not usually one to complain about my height, sure when I was younger it was the curse of all curses, but over the years i’ve learned to embrace it. So much so that I don’t even think about it, well not until some smartass asks me if I play basketball or i’m in a body pump class with 20 other people & i’m the only one putting more effort into keeping my head & butt from hitting the floor than I am actually lifting the weights.

body pump

the workout room

So for the last few weeks i’ve been contemplating joining a gym again. And by contemplating I mean i’ve wasted far too many hours at work googling gyms around Perth. 

I must admit i’ve been in two minds about joining a gym again. Over the years I have joined more gyms than I care to remember & in joining so many i’ve also spent more money than I care to remember as well. Seriously if I had just learnt my lesson years ago & saved all that money instead I could be on a flight to the south of France sipping champagne in first class with Victoria Beckham.

And I guess not only am I older these days but I’m also wiser. Because I’ve pretty much decided that joining the gym just isn’t going to happen. Not that I’m anti-gym joining, it’s just that I know myself, & I know that I will do exactly the same thing that I have every other time, get sucked into signing a 6 or 12 month membership only to lose all motivation & stop going after 2 weeks. 

So I had a bit of a brainwave over the weekend, I don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to go workout in a room full of people with perfect bodies judging everyone around them, I can just set up my own workout room in the comfort of my own home, & that’s exactly what I did. 

So I now have my very own workout room, somewhere I can be me & workout without feeling self conscious about the fact that everyone is so much fitter than I am.

yoga workout room


For some reason I have always had this deluded notion that celebrities, models & the like are just simply blessed with a flawlessly fit body & the metabolism of an over active teenage boy. Unlike some of us mere mortals that have the body of a beached whale & the metabolism to match.

For years I have convinced myself that celebs don’t actually have to workout or obsess over how many calories they are consuming, they actually just live on champagne & flavoured air, plus they do yoga or pilates not for the health benefits but just to kill some time in between all that movie filming & runway walking.

It’s a well known fact that when people start on the weight loss/fitness journey they choose some celebrity they think is perfect & decide that they want to look exactly like them. Or better yet they choose certain body parts off a bunch of different celebrities & end up wanting to look like some kind of hybrid that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of The Walking Dead.

And i’m speaking from experience on that one, i’ve spent the vast majority of my life wanting to look like Elle Macpherson, & well what can I say, I look more like a 6’2 Roseanne Barr than I do Elle. Oh & trust me buying her underwear does not Elle Macpherson thee make.

So I thought I would change it up a bit, instead of only posting images of impossibly perfect Victoria’s Secret Angels like so many other bloggers out there do, i’m also going to start posting shots of celebrities actually putting in the hard yards to get that trim, taut & terrific body, aka Celebspiration.

I mean there are only so many (airbrushed) images of impeccably toned stupendously beautiful celebrites that you can look at before it all starts to get a tad deflating, you know what I mean? Just every now & then it would be nice to see a celebrity working out in a sweat soaked shirt, with a rudolph red face & hair resembling a troll doll.

And so I bring you the first installment of Celebspiration – Charlotte Dawson. For those of you that are not from Australia or New Zealand, you will probably be like Charlotte who? She’s a television presenter, model & author, most recognisable as a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model.

I decided to go with her first not only because I think she is pretty damn awesome but also because she regularly posts untouched pre/during/post workout images on Instagram, & that my friends is a pretty inspiringly gutsy thing to do, even for us non-celebrities:

charlotte dawson charlotte dawson 3 charlotte dawson 2 charlotte dawson 1