i don’t live here anymore

So i’m moving, as in relocating to a wonderfully cute apartment on the other side of the city. Far far away from all the hurt & memories of where I live now. Ok well maybe not far far away, I did contemplate moving to Alaska but it didn’t seem like such a feasible option. But far enough away that I can get out & about without fear of accidently going somewhere that “we” used to go & then combusting into a cavalcade of seemingly never-ending tears.

It’s a spectacularly significant move, perhaps one of the most significant moves I have ever had to make. Both for my sanity, the healing process & to finally move on after the most unexpected gut-wrenching soul destroying heart obliterating breakup I have ever (& hopefully will ever) had to endure.

I just wasted the last 2.5 years (3 if you count the breakup aftermath) with a commitment phobic guy who was all lies & false promises. And whilst I will never be able to forgive or forget what he did, I can do a far better thing than that, I can move on with my life & make sure that it is filled with happiness, adventure, love, contentment, passion & an abundance of other truly amazing things.

So in saying that, I simply cannot wait for 6 days from now when I can finally say “I don’t live there anymore”, meaning not only physically but also figuratively as in I don’t live in the past & i’m no longer defined by what he did to me.