So I’ve started to incorporate yoga into my routine. I don’t know what’s more startlingly about that sentence the fact that I’m actively adding more exercise to my life or the fact that I actually have a routine now.

So far I’ve only done a few beginners YouTube videos & I don’t know I guess I thought that I’d be better at it. But I’m not. I soon realised that I’ve got little to no strength & my balance is so off kilter I’m surprised I don’t fall over more often.

But in saying that there is a part of me that is enjoying it. I enjoy a challenge (sometimes) & the fact that I’m so crap at it now hasn’t made me want to give up, it’s just made me more determined to get better at it.

Who knows in 6 months from now I might be posting a photo of myself in some ridiculously convoluted pose & you’ll be all like wow how the hell did she manage that.


the workout room

So for the last few weeks i’ve been contemplating joining a gym again. And by contemplating I mean i’ve wasted far too many hours at work googling gyms around Perth. 

I must admit i’ve been in two minds about joining a gym again. Over the years I have joined more gyms than I care to remember & in joining so many i’ve also spent more money than I care to remember as well. Seriously if I had just learnt my lesson years ago & saved all that money instead I could be on a flight to the south of France sipping champagne in first class with Victoria Beckham.

And I guess not only am I older these days but I’m also wiser. Because I’ve pretty much decided that joining the gym just isn’t going to happen. Not that I’m anti-gym joining, it’s just that I know myself, & I know that I will do exactly the same thing that I have every other time, get sucked into signing a 6 or 12 month membership only to lose all motivation & stop going after 2 weeks. 

So I had a bit of a brainwave over the weekend, I don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to go workout in a room full of people with perfect bodies judging everyone around them, I can just set up my own workout room in the comfort of my own home, & that’s exactly what I did. 

So I now have my very own workout room, somewhere I can be me & workout without feeling self conscious about the fact that everyone is so much fitter than I am.

yoga workout room


So apparently, actually not so much apparently as it’s a documented fact, that yoga & pilates are the key to a long lean flexible body.

I have actually tried yoga a few times, back when I was going to the gym I used to do a class called ‘Body Balance’. It was a great class, that was until they changed instructors. The first instructor was inspiring with a joyful happy personality. The second instructor had a sleep-inducing monotone voice with a lacklustre personality, & that kinda ruined it for me.

But in saying that I think I might start doing yoga & pilates. I’ve looked into classes & there are some that are close to home (always a good thing, there’s nothing more off putting than having to drive an hour to get to a gym).

I would absolutely love to be flexible enough to do the moves below. Because at the moment i’d be lucky if I could get on the floor in the first place without laboured breathing or somehow injuring myself in the process: