body pump

I did a body pump class tonight, the first & last body pump class that I intend on doing for quite some time. And no it it’s not because my arms & legs literally felt like jelly afterwards, it’s actually because of the length (of lack thereof) of the goddamn step.

At first I was happy that there was a point in the class that we would get to lie down, I was borderline exhausted by that point. That was until I realised that the step is not designed for someone who is six foot two. Seriously for someone my height that step feels like it’s about the size of a small house brick.

And i’m not usually one to complain about my height, sure when I was younger it was the curse of all curses, but over the years i’ve learned to embrace it. So much so that I don’t even think about it, well not until some smartass asks me if I play basketball or i’m in a body pump class with 20 other people & i’m the only one putting more effort into keeping my head & butt from hitting the floor than I am actually lifting the weights.

body pump


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