anatomy of walking

Here I was thinking that I wasn’t doing enough by just walking, that if I was to see any results I actually need to be out there jogging or running or sprinting like I’m being chased by an axe wielding psychopath with a penchant for exceptionally tall overweight women.

And I am so glad that I found this, not just because it’s a great way of highlighting the benefits of walking, but also because I no longer feel so bad about the fact that my body is not quite ready for running.

anatomy of walking

the workout room

So for the last few weeks i’ve been contemplating joining a gym again. And by contemplating I mean i’ve wasted far too many hours at work googling gyms around Perth. 

I must admit i’ve been in two minds about joining a gym again. Over the years I have joined more gyms than I care to remember & in joining so many i’ve also spent more money than I care to remember as well. Seriously if I had just learnt my lesson years ago & saved all that money instead I could be on a flight to the south of France sipping champagne in first class with Victoria Beckham.

And I guess not only am I older these days but I’m also wiser. Because I’ve pretty much decided that joining the gym just isn’t going to happen. Not that I’m anti-gym joining, it’s just that I know myself, & I know that I will do exactly the same thing that I have every other time, get sucked into signing a 6 or 12 month membership only to lose all motivation & stop going after 2 weeks. 

So I had a bit of a brainwave over the weekend, I don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to go workout in a room full of people with perfect bodies judging everyone around them, I can just set up my own workout room in the comfort of my own home, & that’s exactly what I did. 

So I now have my very own workout room, somewhere I can be me & workout without feeling self conscious about the fact that everyone is so much fitter than I am.

yoga workout room

i’ve lost weight….. apparently

So this is the most current photo of me, it was taken on Sunday when I went back home to celebrate my 33rd birthday.

A few of my family members who haven’t seen me since May commented on how much weight I have lost. As in they were literally in shock at the amount of difference between now & then. And even though I don’t see it or really believe it, it’s always a lovely thing to hear, especially in my overly vunerable & emotionally unstable state.

Who would have guessed huh? That the most effective diet I have ever inadvertently done involved being dumped by the guy I thought I was going to marry, he who couldn’t even be bothered to send me a text on my birthday.

Turns out having your heart broken helps you not only lose faith that there are any decent men out there, but it also helps you lose weight as well.